Monday, April 27, 2009

Day Two of the 30 Day Challenge

Tuesday April 28, 2009
Week One, Day Two

It's Day Two of my 30 Day Challenge...

Food Journal

2 Waffles with Syrup, Water
300 Cal


String Cheese-80 Cal, Water

Turkey-45 Cal
FF Cream Cheese-30 Cal
Spinach and Herb Seasoning-0 Cal
Cheddar Wrap-220 Cal
Carrot Shreds-12 Cal
Chips-300 Cal
Lunch-607 Cal
2 Waters

*Change of Plans, I have a TS party tonight right after work so I will have to eat on the run*
City Bites Small veggie sub
Water (2)

After Party Protein-
2 Chicken Breast Tenders-Grilled-93 Cal
1/2 Cup Cottage Cheese-102 Cal

Water (1) After Exercise

Total Calories-1432
within 1200-1400 Range-Not Quite!

Exercise- Day Two, Level One of Jillian Michael 30 Day Shred
Accomplished- YES, it was so hard today because my muscles are sore!

Daily Waters-8 a day
Accomplished- YES! All 8 +

No Snacks after 8:30PM
Not so much, a late TS party left me needing some protein so I went with plain grilled chicken tenders (2) and fat free cottage cheese.

Definitely, I am wiped out!

Food Journal

Overall, today was NOT perfect but it was dang better than any day last week. Being aware of life's daily changing schedule allowed me to plan so much better overall. I am really proud of myself for coming home from working TWO jobs today to still work out. Go ME!

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