Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Day 10-30 Day Challenge

Food Journal
None, I could not get my eyes open this morning so Max and I had to rush around!

1/2 Cup Rice-125 Cal
Enchiladas-445 Cal
Salsa-20 Cal

Sweet Tooth-2 Andes Mints 50 Cal

Popcorn-100 Cal

Leftover Enchiladas-445
1/2 Cup Rice-125
Salsa-20 Cal
600 Cal

5 Multigrain crackers-50 Cal
WW Cheese-50 Cal
Chips-70 Cal
Pepper Jam and CC-50 Cal

1/2 Cup Ice Cream-190 Cal

Total Calories-1740

within 1200-1400 Range-NO, BLAH! I am going to up my calorie goal to 1400-1600. The more I looked at calc's for what I should be eating the more I realized I was aiming too low...thanks to Yen for helping me settle on 1400-1600. Since the average person underestimates calories it is good for me to aim lower in my range in case of those discrepancies. As my body changes I may have to adjust down to 1200-1400 again but for now I think 1600 is a great goal.

Exercise- Day 5, Level One of Jillian Michael 30 Day Shred
Accomplished- YES! And I am finally improving, its a small victory to do better at this but one that I needed

Daily Waters-8 a day
Accomplished- YES! That includes the 2 I guzzled before bed!

No Snacks after 8:30PM
Accomplished- No, sad times. We had to go to church last night for a meeting so we ate after Max was in bed. I hate eating late! I know it affects my weight and it is a terrible more!

Accomplished- No again, but it was because I worked out, showered, washed my face, read and then crashed. I need to get to bed earlier though because I am tired this morning!

Food Journal
Accomplished- Yes!

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