Monday, May 18, 2009

Day 22, Monday May 18th

I cannot believe I have just one week left in my 30 day Challenge! Time flies when you are busy as a bee.

Last week I lost .6 pounds, yes ounces count! I have to say that I weighed in Sunday morning. The night before we had a party and I realized just how dangerous "party food" is for my life changes...I am definitely the type who needs to FEEL like I am eating a complete meal to have my emotional need to eat satisfied. I took in more calories than almost any other meal in the past three weeks and when we got home I was still not satisfied. WHY? Because 90% of my struggle is mental.

SO, I guess you can see it is harder for me to post on the weekends. Mostly because I try to limit my computer time to spend quality time with my family.

This weeks marks my last week of the challenge but it is NOT over. I plan to continue the plan and update losses on a weekly basis. I have 49.2 pounds left to lose and I cannot stop anytime soon!


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Jen said...

hang in there sweetie. I had one week where I gained .4 so a loss of of .6 is still progress. I am on vacation now and my goal is not to gain. I miss you guys on MB and will see you next week.