Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Give and Take, Day 23

Did you know that a slice of Key Lime Pie has 425 Calories?

Did you know I still get to eat that!?!

It's all give and take.

Yesterday was a good day! Here is my short food log
Breakfast- Half Bacon, Egg and Cheese Sandwich
Snack-Other Half Breakfast Sandwich
Lunch-Seared Tuna Spicy Salad (yummy)
Snack-String Cheese
Dinner-Roasted Chkn (3oz), Mashed Potatoes (.75 Cup) and Green Beans (1/2 Cup), Garden Salad and Key Lime Pie (Half of Giant Slice, I counted as a full slice)
(at RedRock Canyon Grill, YUM)
Snack-12 reeses pieces

Last night we got an impromptu date night and while we were out we realized that TODAY was our 10 Year Dating Anniversary. I preplanned my meal and because I had eaten light, but had eaten through the day I was hungry (not starving) and ready to enjoy really good food, just in a smaller portion that normal. And what I loved most is that I was satisfied. The food was great but the feeling of self control over my meal plan was EVEN better.

Total Calories Consumed-1597 Calories
Total Calories Burned-2612 Calories Burned

Deficit-1015 Calories
Remember deficit = weight loss

Today, Day 19
Still In Love with my bodybugg! I have gotten lots of questions about this lil gadget so I will let you all know that it is currently on sale at www.24hourfitness.com for $200. Yes, it's still a lot, but the knowledge and control I am gaining is priceless to me. If you have specific questions feel free to ask my in comments or email me at jesidz@yahoo.com

Food Plan
Breakfast-Low Fat Vanilla Yogurt and Strawberries
Lunch-Leftovers from Dinner (minus the pie :))
Dinner-Chili Dogs, Chips and Salsa

Total Calories Planned-1606
Total Calories Planned to Burn-2650

I weigh in tomorrow for my first Bodybugg check in! This weigh in will tell me not only my progress but with the help of my bodybugg software it will tell me how accurate my food log has been in the past week based on my loss. If I lose the 2 pounds planned then I am doing pretty well...if I lose less, I need to examine my food journal closer and be more detailed/exact. If I lose more, well then Praise be to Jesus.


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