Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Home Sweet Home

It's our first week with me staying at home with Max. I have to say that so far I am loving it! Today he was a challenge for a good part of the late morning/early afternoon but overall I still love being home with him and working on making our house a home. It's nice to catch up on housework and get things organized. My dining room table is actually cleared of clutter and sewing stuff. My dishes are done and waiting to be unloaded. Laundry is a different story but we are working on it. I know those seem like small things but they are things I always struggled to keep up with when I was working full time! After a long day at work I didn't want to CLEAN my house! Now I just squeeze it in throughout the day.

We also started our Toddler Homeschooling this week. Max will go to public schools when he hits kindergarten but since he is accustomed to the structure of school I wanted to incorporate some learning into our week. This week we are learning about the Jungle, the letter B, the number 2 and the color green. It's been fun so far. We have gone on a Zoo Trip with new friends to see the Jungle animals, watched the Jungle Book movie, read our monkey and animal books, waterpainted, played with bubbles, made Monkey Munch and colored with green crayons and markers.

It's such a blessing to be home and get to do these fun things with Max. It will be an adjustment to our life and schedule but I feel confident that this is God's place for me right now. And there is no where else I would rather be than in His place.

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Jen said...

Enjoy your time at home!!! I am jealous.