Saturday, August 1, 2009

My Adorable Kiddos

Maximus Owen aka Max
Crazy, Fearless, Funny, Bossy, Obsessed with Guitars, Rock Music, Drums and all things Sports related. Max was born October 16th just 10 days before his Daddy deployed for a year long deployment to Iraq. He is a terrible sleeper and big love bug. He was the light of my life during the darkest days of deployments and never ceases to make me smile.

Stella Katherine aka Stella Kate
Our 2nd baby arrived in May 2010! Stella is the sweetest spoonful of sugar you can find in a baby. She is curious, happy, a natural sleeper and is constantly giving everyone around her huge smiles! She is also temperemental, a drama queen and a big fan of her Daddy.

The Twins!
Surprise Surprise, God had big plans for our family in 2011. We were shocked to find out we were entering our 3rd pregnancy when SK was only 5 months old....and even more shocked to find out at 14 weeks that there were 2 in there! The final babies in our family arrived on June 7th.

Jackson Gage started out small but is now a chunk-a-munk and is very calm, cool and collected. He is one of the most chill babies ever and has eyes that stare straight into your heart!

Presley Jane is the baby of our family and we like to refer to her as PJ. Presley is a lot like Max was as a baby, she is sensitive, a tad bit cranky and not a fan of sleeping. Good thing she's cute!