Saturday, September 19, 2009

Where the Heck have I been?

Oh My Pie. It's been way tooooo long since I updated my blog! I cannot explain everything that has happened since the beginning of August but I guess I will attempt it in an effort to play catch up.

I quit my job
Started staying home with Max
Met my new friend Heather and her sweet daughter Annika at the zoo
Heather and I met online, our hubs think we are crazy for meeting our "online friends" IRL (in real life)
Started working at VSA part time
Got ready for VSA Fall Enrollment
Packed to go out of town for 5 days without my husband or child!
Had a 17 hour travel day from H E double hockey sticks to get to Minneapolis
FOR TASTEFULLY SIMPLE National Convention!
Had a blast with my teammate Sarah!
Met my upline all the way to Sr. Team Mentor Jodi Cincotta
Marched across stage as a new Team Leader
Came Home and Hugged my little Max tighter than ever
Worked more at VSA to get ready for the new Fall Season
Enrolled over 140 kids on enrollment day alone!
Chopped my hair off.
Love my new haircut
Drove to Kansas with Heather and Annika
Spent $150 on $350 of Fall Winter clothes for Max
Picked up a "I'm the Big Brother" shirt for Max ON A WHIM
Came home
Had TERRIBLE heartburn.
Had some TS parties.
Signed up a New Team Member!
Started Classes at VSA. Love my little kids.
Remembered why I love dance, God and teaching.
Took a pregnancy test ON A WHIM.
It was positive.
Dressed Max in his Big Brother shirt to tell Rob that we are having another little monster sometime late Spring 2010.
Told my parents.
Told Rob's parents.
Told my dad and stepmom.
Told my bestest friends.
Told my boss and Office manager at VSA.
Had another TS party!
Signed up another Team Member!
Team Manager here I come.
Taught my kids at VSA again.
Put the barre away after the tots licked it.
Got sick from my little barre lickers.
Celebrated our friends Birthday with a big cookout at the casa.
Planned Max's Pirate Elmo Birthday party.
Changed the date due to OU/Texas. I curse you OU Football for dictating Oklahoman's life schedules.
Feeling better already.
Played with Max.
Visited my mom after foot surgery.
Watched a lot of movies.
Cursed the never ending rain.
Found out one of my college roommates and sisters lost her baby at 32 weeks.
Cried off and on for days for them.
Laughed, Played, Cried, Danced, Shopped, Smiled, Forgot, Remembered, Praised, Thanked, Blessed.

It's been crazy round these parts. But I wouldn't have it any other way.

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Jen said...

great update! Congrats again!