Thursday, November 3, 2011

{Pray for a Friend}

Day 3 of our Month of Thankfulness *andgratefulnessandkindness*

Today we have 2 RAOK that we are planning! First we are going to spend time this morning praying for a friend. This ties into something I am very thankful for which is my job. I am very blessed that I get to work part time at a job that I love doing, with wonderful people! My boss is pretty dang cool and we are praying for his family today. A few years ago he had to have a hip replacement surgery which the doctor pretty much botched. This resulted in a 2nd surgery, more time recovering, missing playtime with his kids, missing work and medical costs. Not to mention the physical ramifications of having 2 major surgeries on the HIP! Have I mentioned that we work in performing arts? Not only is this hip an instrument of his work but it is an instrument of praise! He and his wife both have to appear in legal appointments today and tomorrow regarding the first surgery. We are praying that they are fairly compensated for the doctors mistakes! Join me in praying for the T family today!

Our second RAOK is for the director of our MDO program, Miss Bree. We are going to bring her one of these...
just to say Thank you for everything she does! We really love our experience there and want to bless her day and warm her up from a very cold coldfront that moved in last night. We were even able to sneak it onto her desk with just her name written on the lid so it was anonymous.

Prayers and Starbucks, pretty awesome ways to show kindness we think!


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