Thursday, March 8, 2012


Probably a month ago I had several people tell me I needed to bury a St. Joseph statue in my yard to help sell our house. Now we are non denominational, in fact we go to  THAT church that people think is a hand raising, loud music "church of whats happening now" as my friend Julie's Dad used to call it. So even though people think we are weird I totally think old religious wives tales like burying a saint in your yard is weird!

On a whim, Rob and I looked it up one day because, well, we are tired! We are tired of keeping our house as close to show ready as we can and shuffling our 4 kids and giant dog out of the house several times a week for showings and getting no offers. We are frustrated I am frustrated and I am trying really hard to surrender it to God but I am a control freak. It's a daily issue for me and I keep on wrestling it instead of laying it down.

ANYWAYS, we were amazed at how many "house selling kits" there are on Amazon! But our favorite was Eco Joe :)

I mean seriously, the packaging kills me. "The Hardest Working Saint in Real Estate" "He's a Natural, won't harm the Earth!" "The Original Eco-Friendly Home Selling Kit" Whoever came up with Eco Joe is a genius.

But alas, despite my part time cloth diapering (which is on hold due to house selling) I am not very Eco Friendly because I opted for the cheapest option I could find. Our St. Joseph Home Selling Kit retailed for $4.99 and included directions, a prayer card asking St. Joseph to intercede on behalf of us and St. Joe himself. He is not Eco-Friendly but you are supposed to take him to your next home and display him as a thanks to God anyways so I don't need him decomposing on me.

I buried him upside down, facing the house, underneath my DZ turtle in my front flower bed...we will see what kind of intercession he brings us.

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