Sunday, March 4, 2012

Oh Snap

Don't you love when God speaks a word to your heart that feels like a whallop upside the head? No? Oh yeah, me either!

This morningI was getting ready for church, alone, as the kids were playing in the living room and Rob is at drill. I was thinking about the showing scheduled for our house today and throwing a wee bit of a pity party. I was trying to determine a word to describe how I feel about selling our house and HOPELESS seemed to be the one echoing in my mind.

Let me say that feeling hopeless when your house has been on the market for just 2 months and had 30-40 showings is just plain re-donk-u-lous. I can be dramatic, it's the gemini in me.

And then, SMACK!

God totally spoke to me and it was in the form of a head smack.

"So if I don't do what YOU want in YOUR timeline then it's hopeless?"

Oh snap! Umm, no that's not what I meant...

"Don't you think I know how to handle this? You keep praying for my will but what if this waiting IS my will? Don't you know I have this?"

Oh. Um, yes God, I do, thanks for the reminder.

"Now get to church and get ready for my word"

Allrighty then.

I felt better, I even smiled, almost felt like laughing. It's like when your parents lovingly teasingly call you out on your drama.

Thanks Father, I needed that whallop.

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Anonymous said...

Ugh! I've felt this way too! Here's to success in the road ahead- God is already there!

Lindsay Ross