Friday, March 2, 2012

Everything Medical

To say we have a lot going on right now is an understatement!

Just a small update on everyone's medical stuff.

First things first, Max has an EEG scheduled for Monday March 7th to check out his brain activity and see if there is anything abnormal that could be related to his last fall and crazy body reaction. It should be LOADS of fun since we have to restrict him to 3 hours of sleep and restrict liquids. We are praying that everything comes out clean although that will still leave us without an answer as to why his body reacts so severely sometimes. After the EEG we will have a neuro appt to discuss the results.

Tues March 27th is the scheduled date for Stella's heart surgery. We go to the hospital at 8:30AM to check in and her procedure is at 10AM. We will be at Childrens hospital with 2 great doctors so we have full faith it will be an easy surgery. She will stay overnight at the least and MAYBE 2 days at the most. My dad and stepmom are coming up to help us out all week which is a HUGE blessing! If you are unsure what I am talking about, Stella has PDA and while the hole in her heart is not growing the left part of her heart is starting to enlarge so we have to repair it!

First week of April Rob will be scheduled for his THIRD surgery on the same shoulder! He has a recurrent labral tear, a large cyst, arthiritis in the joint and something else I cannot remember. The doctor is one of the best in the state, even working on OU football players and he said its a "unique case" and they won't know what they are getting into until they get in there. Hopefully they can do a GOOD repair this time and help heal the pain that Rob is dealing with.

So that's it in medical news. The twins are teething but other than that they are perfectly healthy and we are so thankful for that! Of course Mama is hanging tough, just dealing with everyone else and their appts and ailments! Please pray for all of my sweet family that they will all go through their procedures easily and get full healing!

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Jen said...

HUGS Jesi!!! You are an amazing mother and wife!