Thursday, May 10, 2012

3 Days

Our house was on the market 3 days. And then in the middle of advancing through the finance stages of home buying our lender found a mistake on our credit. The Oklahoma Student Loan Authority had reported Rob's student loans 180+ days late for the entire year he was deployed. He offered to do a credit restructuring but our hearts did not feel good about it. As much as we wanted to move forward we felt like we needed to stop, fix it and fix it right.

It took close to six months to have the credit repaired from this mistake. It took a lot of phone calls, a lot of patience and a lot of verification. Finally they dropped off our credit report and we felt like we were on the forward path. In this time we had the twins and looking back I know that God's timing was RIGHT. It was not a good time for us to uproot our family. The house we liked sold and sold fast. We eventually decided to stop looking in that area because we heard over and over again that families were unhappy with the school system. My parents moved 22 hours away. Overall it was a busy, crazy, blessed season and those blessings did not include selling our house at that time.

As we continued to peruse the mls listings we kept watching house after house that we LOVED going under contract. We questioned, we doubted, we prayed a lot. And the biggest prayer we prayed over and over and over again was "Whatever your will is for our family God, whatever that means, wherever it takes us, even if it means NOT moving and staying in our little house for years to come, we just want your will for our family"

We have both experienced the pain and regret that comes from closing your heart and your mind off from God's will and that was the last thing we wanted to do. Finally in Decemeber 2011 we called to check on our credit and everything was finally repaired. Our credit scores were both good and nothing was outstanding or incorrect. We peeked at the MLS and an old house that we had admired was on the market again and at a price well within our price range. We went and looked at it again, in the pouring rain, in the pitch black of a winter evening. We really liked it, we had our concerns and a lot needed to be redone but we liked it. The catch? It was really under a contingent contract already, the same kind of contract we would have to extend in an offer. Would this be the one?

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